New...Matcha Tea Moisturizer
New...Matcha Tea Moisturizer

New...Matcha Tea Moisturizer

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Matcha Tea Water-based Moisturizer loaded with green oils and 6 butters.

Nilotica grade A creamy Butter from East Africa
Avocado Butter added to this green formulation, its only right!
Cupaucu Butter- great at retaining water and locking in moisture
Unrefined Sal Butter(a green butter)- great for lay and elasticity
Mowrah Butter- creamy butter with gentle moisturizing benefits
Kpangnan Butter- rare African but known for it moisturizing properties
Bacaba Oil- Brazillian green oil, a big time favorite
Ungurahui aka Patua Oil- known frizz killer. Leaves hair shiny and soft
Avocado Oil- penetrates hair shaft
Hemp Seed Oil- provides natural shine and stronger hair
Macauba Oil- high in Mystric acid similar to almond oil but exotic. 
Baru Oil- Argan Oil on steroids. Rich in omega 3,6, and 9 . High in phenolics. Stronger than Vitamin C and E very labor intensive oil to make
Olive Fruit Oil- softens hair and add shine. Penetrates hair shaft.
Cucumber Seed Oil - strengthens hair and prevents hair fall.
Vitamin E

Matcha- Natural DHT blocker, aides in hair loss prevention
Aloe Gel- natural moisturizing humectant
Ginger, Chamomile, Vanilla Essentials smells like a fresh brewed tea .

4 oz. This is an all natural moisturizer. Refrigerate after each use. Good for 3 months properly stored.

Allow up to 4 days processing time