Honey Drip
Honey Drip
Honey Drip

Honey Drip

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Summer is here. Add this fresh out of a wash while hair is slightly damp and reap the benefits of Honey. 

Honey is a natural Humectant.  Meaning it will draw moisture from all around you . And from within 

This is a oil based moisturizing leave in.

With a touch of aloe juice use this as your first product to provide your hair with exceptional shine and lay.. quarter size amount will do you justice. 

Great for all hair porosities 

The ingredients..

Manuka Honey umf 20 + MGO 850 + TOP NOTCH On the high end side

Local honey
Baobab oil: great for softening hair and adding shine
Haitin Black Castor oil because we can't be basic
Organic Vanilla bean
Artichoke leaf extract. Beneficial to smooth hair follicles and adds definition to curls.
Organic Aloe leaf juice (inner fillet)
Olive extract
Clove essential oil
Babassu oil. 

 4 fl oz