Exotic Deep Conditioner Hair mask

Exotic Deep Conditioner Hair mask

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Some of the finest imported exotics are used in this one of a kind blend. Need to get that damaged or dry hair back to its healthy state use this all in one. An all natural Deep Conditioner. Great for hair and scalp health. Leave in or rinse out, the choice is yours. Try incorporating this in your clay and lay mix, or mix in a deep conditioner/conditioning bar you already use. Also try as a prepoo before washing hair.

Batana Oil from Honduras- from the palm, promotes thick shiny hair.
Sapayulo Oil- natural conditioning oil
Cupaucu Butter- this butter mixed along the other exotics wil help retain all the hydration from prior wash
Copaiba Resin Oil- anti inflammatory, prevents Fungal growth and prevents hair loss. Helps get rid of the Greys
Ojon Oil - for intensive hair repair this golden oil does it all
Prachacy Oil- increases natural shine a retains hair elasticity (Deeper wider waves)
Brazil Nut Oil - excellent for more shine and moisture retention
Pequi Oil- promotes healthy scalp and prevents dandruff also great aromatic
Tucuma butter 

2 Fl oz

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