Earth 16 Deep Conditioner
Earth 16 Deep Conditioner

Earth 16 Deep Conditioner

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Made to do everything. Growth performance. Hair manageability. Increases luster and enhances darkness of follicles and acts a hair thickener overtime .. all ingredients were carefully selected to achieve these results. Starting at the scalp. This product is best brushed in after a wash. Steam for max results.


Rice water to speed up the growth process 

Shikakai similar qualities to Aritha. Natural conditioner

Butterfly pea
Indian Gooseberry extract
Rice water
Pequi. Shine booster
Bhringraj oil . Another Aruveydic: Reduces hair Thinning and breakage. High in amino acids that are essential for healthy hair. Prevents premature greying. Whilst also providing natural shine and luster
Oat oil
Yucca root:Reduces itchy scalp and Dandruff. Another natural Cleanser
Aritha acts as a cleanser and and natural conditioner (location or origin India)
Aloe vera gel: Promotes healthy growth and shiny hair. Has B12 and Vitamin A, C, and E
Slippery Elm
Marshmallow Root
Amla : boost hair Volume conditions scalp and promotes healthy hair growth
Cassia strengthens hair roots and stimulated new growth leaving healthy strands
Burdock root: Reduces inflammation. Leaves hair soft and smooth
Fenugreek help strengthen and protect hair. Loaded with Vitamin A,K,C and high in folic acid
Manuka Honey: Acts as a natural humectant continually soaking moisture to keep hair supple.
Lavender essential oil. Proven to provide natural hair growth while adding a calming fragrance to conditioner
Peppermint while the lavender calms you the peppermint will "wake up" your scalp with a tingly cold boost and is also proven additive for hair growth via enhanced blood circulation.
Rosemary. Strong and fragrant . Great essential for speedy hair growth.
Absynnian oil :a best kept secret. This light oil is shine booster and again naturally conditions hair
Coco Nucifera