Dragonfruit Butter
Dragonfruit Butter
Dragonfruit Butter
Dragonfruit Butter

Dragonfruit Butter

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A well Formulated Light Slow churned Butter that seals and moisturizes. 

This tiny seed of the Dragonfruit are cold pressed to create a high end oil that is known to provide great shine and helps with elasticity to hair strands 

This Butter is mixed with Organic non Gmo Real Dragonfruit powder. 

Key ingredients:

Organic Dragonfruit oil. sustainably sources.. Loaded with omega  3 and 6. Deeply hydrating emollient. 

Organic Dragonfruit powder

Prickly Pear oil

Organic Pomegranate oil 

The Butters:

The rarest butter in the world Kpangnan Butter known for its incredible moisturizing properties.

Another rare butter/Oil  Trichilia 

Wild harvested Tucuma Butter.  One of my favorite butter that gives a great shine and has a natural nutty fragrance 

Certified organic Mango Butter

Smells like a mixed Berry smoothie 

Store in a Cool, Dark place. Good for up to 2 years if stored properly 

4 oz