Custard Apple Penetrating Oil
Custard Apple Penetrating Oil
Custard Apple Penetrating Oil

Custard Apple Penetrating Oil

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A unique one of a kind blend that penetrates and conditions hair follicles whilts adding substantial depth and noticeable sheen.

This can be a go to for barbers to finish a hair cut

Add a little everyday works great combed in with a moisturizer or leave in. 

Solid on the O.M.B after wash

Custard apple seed oil (sugar apple seed oil) cold pressed. High level of poly and monosaturated fats. Vitamin C,D and E

The amino acids penetrate hair shaft. Leaving a moisturized and healthy looking strand 

Harakke oil( New Zealand flax)- Absorbs quickly being a thinner oil

Fortifies frizzy hair bringing out natural sheen, Conditions for longer stronger healthier strands. High in linoleic acids

Sun soaked Tonka bean infused sunflower. A Know oil in The natural hair community . The is a luxury form of it. Vanilla oak bourbon notes attributes to to to this blends natural tural fragrance. 

Brazilian pracachy.

Black cumin seed oil. Freshly cold pressed from a supplier I actually know personally. 

Tigernut oil best known for penetrating into scalp and hair keeping it nourished and hydrated.

Brazillian Unrefined Ungurahui oil( aka pataua) elite shine and a favorite oil absorbs and instantly smoothness strands.

Fractionated Coco Nucifera. lightened version of a thick oil. All the benefits with quicker absorption. 

Olea europaea L.

African Baobab

Fractionated Ucuuba Butter . In house Fractionated butter.light fragrant notes of nutmeg.

180 ml