Black Goat Wash Bar
Black Goat Wash Bar
Black Goat Wash Bar
Black Goat Wash Bar

Black Goat Wash Bar

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An All around Shampoo bar with a buildable Lather. A well balance of cleansing and conditioning properties.  

Packed with favorite ingredients to give your hair the healthy boost we all strive for. Detox and Moisturize at the same time..

Goatmilk to soften hair Follicles contains Natural proteins and Biotin 

Activated Charcoal to give hair a hard reset

Imported Brazillian Black Clay to remove impurities and give hair a balance without dehydration. Rich in Minerals of Titanium, Silica, Calcium, and Iron.

BUTTERS: Brazilian Bacuri penetrates and protects follicles 

OILS: All cold-Pressed 

African Yangu Oil (Cape Chestnut)- Dandruff and scalp protection has moisturizing capabilities to provide hair with silkiness and malleability. One of the BEST oils for dry, dehydrated hair. A non drying oil

Carrot Seed Oil- deeply conditions scalp and repairs split ends

Nordic Cloudberry Seed Oil - conditioning oil that restores dull hair

Black Raspberry Oil- promotes elasticity and shine for max wave stretch

Babassu Oil- light penetrating oil 

Hydrolyzed silk for the silky dilkies
Artichoke Extract: Gives hair a Suttle shine, protects against frizz and naturally gives hair a Smoothing effect 

This Bar is smaller than my other bars Hence the Price.