Baobab Curl Soufflè
Baobab Curl Soufflè
Baobab Curl Soufflè

Baobab Curl Soufflè

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A slightly fluffy all-natural water-based moisturizer with Biotin and Royal jelly 

Biotin Baobab and Royal Jelly are the star ingredients in this soufflé. 

Biotin is scientifically proven to give hair denser follicles up the 30%. while strongly encouraging quicker hair growth.

Royal jelly. This is the secretion from bees. Amino acids proteins carbohydrates and lipids. Royal jelly is a fluid secretion from glands on the heads of worker bees. It is synthesized from pollen, water and honey, mixed with saliva, hormones and vitamins.

BUTTERS: The rare Kpangnan an awesome buttery moisturizer, Uucaba penetrates hair shaft and adds natural silkiness. 

OILS: Hydrolyzed Baobab

Baobab Oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Tucuma Oil

Buriti Oil 

 Prachacy Oil- for softer follicles and penetrates Cortex

Sunflower Oil- a light oil commonly used to coat strands and add sheen



Always try a patch test with new Butters 

This is an all natural waterbased Moisturizer Preservative Free. Refrigeration is needed to maintain texture and Freshness.