Oatmilk and Honey Bundle
Oatmilk and Honey Bundle

Oatmilk and Honey Bundle

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Bring in the summer with a smooth transition to luxurious 4 oz Kings Whip and New oatmilk and Honey leave in. 

This duo will keep you moisturized, and tame the frizz the summer heat brings. With light natural humectants of Honey Extract and raw Manuka and Jojoba milk,hair will stayed laid and Coated.

OATMILK & Honey leave in spray 4 oz

OAT Amino acids
Hydrolyzed silk
Honey extract
Artichoke extract
Jojoba milk
Kukui, moringa
Oat oil
Organic Haitian castor
Milk thistle oil
Aloe juice


New Zealand high grade Honey whipped Mafura infused and blended with Exotic oil which is over 10 exotic oils. 


With a coco avo hydration (moisturizer)  folded into the whip this is almost all you need.

Added butters of wild harvested Murumuru and Uucaba butter